You know, we ain't about sending you all over the internet... here's our short list of links to Jabbers related material and friends of ours:

>> Jabbers Facebook group run by Gail

>> Steel Cage Records...The New home of the Jabbers.

>> The Swedish Scum's Jabbers site...
More good historical info that we were too drunk to remember.
When we find the new link, well post it!

>> Merle, Dino, Jeff & GG Allin Online (has a good catalog of all Merle's merch) GG Buy-Buy-Buy-Buy.

Other Jabbers approved sites...

>> Punk's best photographer Ian Harper... Go to his "Guitars of Johnny Ramone Section" and see some of Chris's guitars

>> You're a nobody until they've gossiped about you The Boston Groupie News

>> Cats & Kittens, check out this site... It's Dirty Donny! He's one badassed, gear jammin', scatter shieldin' Kustom/Lowbrow artist... It's the most Daddy-O.

>> Finally, a magazine that likes the Ramones and Darkbuster as much as we do. Fat City...check 'em out.